This section is not here to frighten you. Searching our database is easy. Just type in a word or phrase and click "Submit." That's it.

So why a page of instructions? Well, this page is partially instructional, partially explanatory. At some point we will have a full FAQ section that will contain all of this information in addition to the answers to some others not pertinent to searching.

Q: Why won't "mac-10" return any results?

A: Using a hyphen will rarely yield results, even if the page or description contains a phrase with a hyphen. Try "mac10" instead. Also, correct spelling yields better results.

Q: Oh, I see. Well, how come when I type in "Stream Light" I get every light you guys sell? You guys sell those, right?

A: We sure do. But the brand is "Streamlight", with no space. The engine is pretty smart, but it still can't read minds. If the term you enter doesn't yield the response you'd hoped for, try entering different forms of the word, like its plural or singular form, or if it's compound, enter the word with a space between the words.

Q: Why does it say that my search returned 35 results, but I can only count 20 showing?

A: Honestly, we believe that 20 is too many. As soon as we apply pagination to the search engine (like in the Products section) you will be able to reach all 35 results. For now, you'll have to deal with the top 20. Plus, as these results are sorted by relevancy, do you really want to see result 35?

Q: I don't wanna filter by a brand. Do I hafta?

A: No, you don't "hafta". To turn off filtering, simply select the first option in the drop down menu that says, "-Filter By Brand-".

Q: I looked for "axes" and filtered by "Mustang Survival" and got no results.

A: For one, Mustang doesn't make axes, so none will show up. Secondly, if you filter by a brand and you receive no results for something you know should be there, it could be because the item hasn't been added to our database. However, if the brand is listed, there's a good chance we sell a product from it. Also, if you're performing a few searches across different brands, it's possible that you just left the wrong brand up.

Q: I typed in "toaster" and got no results.

A: We don't sell toasters. Unless you need a lot of them.

Q: I entered "the something of yours" and got no results.

A: Aside from that making absolutely no sense, the engine does not accept words under four letters as viable search terms. While your search doesn't have to make any sense, it should include descriptive nouns or adjectives. Additionally, certain words are considered "semantically negligible," or don't have enough of a concrete meaning to provide your results with any sort of helpful information. Thus, try to enter as many descriptive, specific words as you can to get the best results. Kind of like how your high school English teacher would want it.

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