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Model 3930: Ease of Use Siren tone selection at the touch of a button Scroll between wail, yelp, and hyperyelp without losing the ability to choose the tone you want when you want it. The Scorpion offers a separate function button for air horn.

  • On the model 3932 the horn circuit of your vehicle can be hooked to the siren for scrolling of the siren tones and air horn through your vehicles horn switch. Output Short Circuit Protection: No more damage to the siren in the event of a speaker system short circuit the siren simply shuts down. once the short is remedied the siren returns to normal operation. Model 3932: The siren Accepts either a positive or a ground (earth) signal usually from the vehicle's horn switch (or other user - supplied switch and remotely scrolls through the the siren tines or activates Air Horn function.

  • Code 3 Scorpion

    Code 3 Scorpion

    :: Specifications

    • Model 3930: Size the Scorpion has a very small profile measuring only 6075" wide X 6.75" deep x 2.25" high allowing it to fit in almost any location you desire. It has a rugged aluminum case work with a slide track carriage for ease of installation in siren racks consoles, etc.
    • Model 3932: Backlighting is independent of siren power. Allows connecting to dimmer if desired
    • 3930 Basic 100w Siren with PA
    • 39304 Basic 24v, 100w Siren with PA
    • 3932 Full Feature 100w Siren with PA and Radio Rebroadcast
    • 39324 Full Feature 24v, 100w Siren with PA and Radio Rebroadcast

    :: Features

    • Model 3930: Instant On Allows the siren to remain ready for operation instantly without turning knobs.
    • Model 3932: All the features of Model 3930 plus. This feature deactivates the siren tones when the vehicles is shifted into park. One Park Kill is activated the siren will remain deactivated until the vehicle is shifted into gear and the siren reactivated using the horn ring scroll feature or the front panel switches.

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